Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Memphis Blues Again

A show-stopping printed evening gown

Holly Fulton is one of my favorite young designers, and I was overjoyed to have the opportunity to view her collection in person last week at the London Show Rooms. Holly is known for her continued use of Art Deco motifs in her clothes, and this season, she said she was particularly inspired by the Memphis Group of Architecture. The Memphis style, which emerged in the eighties, is defined by striking and sometimes clashing colorways, and bold and outrageous design statements. Holly adopted the movement's mix of bright colors, Art Deco influences, and mishmash of materials into her clothing, which one might describe as highly stylized retro-futurism.

Both of my parents are architects, and my father is quite a big fan of the Memphis and New International Style, so I grew up surrounded by it, and all of the pieces remind me a bit of my parent's first over-the-top apartment back in the 80's (they have since moved, and gotten more minimalist). There wasn't a single piece I didn't love, and I was particularly blown away by the massive amount of work that goes into many of the pieces, which are alternatively covered in Swarovski crystals, or millions of tiny little beads. If you are like me, and would like a piece of Holly's collection, but can't afford the prices, don't fret! Holly informed me that her new collection for just launched, and is available for a pretty reasonable price right here. Not a bad substitute at all.

A skirt which is hand-embellished with thousands of beads

More birds, more beads, more crystals!

A sampling of Holly's gorgeous jewelry, which is made of a mishmash of cut perspex, wood, studs, and crystals!

Holly's adorable sketches for the Spring collection

A cartoony cloud-printed dress

One of several gorgeous bags

Holly Fulton for ASOS dress $112

Holly Fulton for ASOS printed jersey top $77, and leggings $77


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lucinda said...

I really like Holly's unusual art deco take on jewellery. I was to buying a cuff of hers last year but deliberated for too long and the piece sold out.

Espen said...

whoa... i love all these designs.

bravegrrl said...

that first dress is crazy cool

Kimberley said...

You can Holly's jewellery from here:


Caddy said...

I like the prints and chunky jewelry.

joy said...

technicolor-aztec-utopia wardrobe


Shay said...

wow, jaw dropping prints! I have such a weakness for 1920's prints and designs...

Mae said...

my favorite part about Holly's designs are her drawings. very inspiring !

Brandon Acton-Bond said...

I LOVE HOLLY!!! I may buy a brooch from this collection (funds are not allowing this though so I don't think so). but seriously what the fuck is going on with the sizing on the asos holly fulton stuff?!?

Iben said...

omg i love her too! The futuristic design and the long gowns and tights are so awesome!