Monday, November 22, 2010

Lucky No. 6

6x6 Bow Wedges $78

We obviously have a thing for the number 6 at Six Six Sick. We also have a thing for No. 6, and their gorgeous shearling and leather clogs, which have attracted a cult following amongst fashion insiders. While the prices are a bit steep for us, our friends at Urban Outfitters have come to the rescue, collaborating with the brand on a lower priced line called 6 x 6, which includes three pairs of shoes at extraordinarily reasonable prices. Not only did they make a version of the thick-soled clog boot, but they also have an adorable pair of suede bow wedges and some very smart and practical looking patent-leather lace-up boots. Nothing is over $100, which is about a quarter of the price you'd pay for the regular line. For some extra collab-happiness, No. 6 also recently collaborated with Baggu, the reusable tote bag company, on some leopard print totes.

6x6 platform boots $98

6x6 patent lace-up boots, $98

No. 6 x Baggu bags, $12 each


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1 comment:

joy said...

I am in love with all of the shoes. Their shape is very appealing.