Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hopeless Neurotic

Stylewise, I've always waffled between forward-thinking fashion, while at heart being a hopeless romantic girly-girl. Rarely do those two styles meet, but somehow British label Neurotica managed to combine them both in their Spring collection, "For the Love of Ivy." This season, the designers were inspired by the innocent beauty of The Virgin Suicide, as well as the photography of Tim Walker. While they've extracted bits and pieces of romance from these sources in the forms of loose crochet, washed out faded pastel colors, and a couple of frills, they're combined with oversized draping and pleating details that make the silhouettes anything but saccharine. Many of the pieces are touched with digital prints of flowers, fairies, and forest creatures, all executed with the a slightly sinister Neurotica twist. Cute, but still cool and concept-driven.


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Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Thanks for introducing me to Neurotica - I'm with you on the forward-thinking but romantic vibe. I love the first dress, it's like a cocoon and I just know I'd wear the pale blue skirt constantly! xo

bravegrrl said...

that first dress is so amazing! and i love the model and her hair too cute!