Friday, October 8, 2010

The Woman Who Fell to Earth

I recently discovered Sally Lapointe at Convent, one of my favorite stores in the L.E.S. We also sell our jewelry at the store, and whenever I visit Travis, I always grab everything within reach (although there isn't much in reach since Travis built the racks for his 6'4 frame!) to try on. When I first saw the Sally Lapointe collection, I immediately fell in love with the strangely textured black memory stretch and printed vinyl jacket, which feels slightly plasticy, yet oddly is extremely comfortable and form fitting. While I missed her show at NYFW, I was emailed some pictures of her Spring collection, which embodies her uniquely futuristic aesthetic. Although you can't really tell from the pictures, I'm guessing that the textiles are as space-aged and cool as the designs themselves. Can't wait to see what winds up at Convent next season, so I can touch it and try it on myself...


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libotomy said...

These are so great! If you're interested in avant garde young designers you should check out Runway Passport:

I intern there and we cover new designers all over the world