Sunday, October 31, 2010

Triskaidekaphobia Tricks and Treats

Skeksis Claw Ring.

Happy Halloween! I thought I would share with you some images from the Triskaidekaphobia Fall 2010 collection lookbook, which features the lovely Mallory June. This season, we created two groups: the first was inspired by the nautical imagery of shipwrecks and sea-monsters, the second by the jewelry of my favorite guilty television pleasure, The Tudors (Jimmy calls it "lady filth") and the creatures in Jim Henson's film, The Dark Crystal. Pieces from the collection are available online at The Moon and Mars, Convent, and Kabiri, and you can find a full list of our stockists here.

Stained glass window rosary necklace and earrings

Rose window necklace

Tiger shark tooth necklace and skeksis claw earrings

Sea Monster ring

Shark tooth necklace and single earring

Sunken treasure coral necklace and starfish headband


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InnyVinny said...

I just about fainted at the Skeksis ring. Anything informed by the Dark Crystal gets a hearty *squee* from me.

Brandon Acton-Bond said...

WOW Tiff the new collection is terrific! I love the sea inspiration especially the sea monster ring. Damn you're talented!

Vantage Point Vintage said...

that claw ring is to die for!! i'm obsessed!

-Monica, VPV Intern

Queen of Mayhem said...

do you know who designed the black dress in the first few photos?

Six Six Sick said...

Queen of Mayhem-

Sorry--I don't know who designed the dress. It's vintage, and Christina picked it up at a thrift store in Florida. The fur bolero is separate, and is also vintage.