Monday, October 25, 2010

Southwestern Exposure

One of the highlights of stopping by W29 Showroom every season to see the new collections is getting the first peek at Iosselliani's jewelry. Iosselliani was one of the many Spring collections that I've seen that's been influenced by Americana, more specifically the American Southwest. Eagle heads, turquoise stones, and filigree sugar-skulls all are prominent motifs, and many of the pieces look like much cooler, more refined updates of the vintage jewelry you might find in the flea markets of New Mexico. Like their thrift-store cousins, they have a similar collector's appeal, and having one simply won't satisfy--once you put a single piece on, you suddenly feel compelled to pile on at least five more. Unfortunately, the price prohibits me from excessive Iosselliani consumption, and up until now, I've had to make do with a ring that I bought two years ago (and have worn almost every day since). Thus you can imagine how grateful I was when the lovely ladies at W29 gave me a few parting gifts, including a sterling silver bone bracelet from the Iosselliani classic collection. It's already become a wardrobe staple, and now that I have two pieces, I'm ready to start my collection.

Iosselliani sterling silver bone bracelet, courtesy of W29 Showroom.


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Annie Lollapalooza said...

oh wow these jewels are amazing! i'm loving the bracelets in the second picture especially! thanks for sharing =)

Samantha said...

Love everything! My favorite are the last couple of layered necklaces! I also love the subtle bone bracelet! :o)


F. Pian! said...

ohhhhh, i love all... i need all...


vint junky said...

Oh you lucky lady! I am seriously coveting this collection and
I love the bone design on your bracelet