Saturday, October 9, 2010

Making my list, checking it twice!

PJ by Peter Jensen knit sweater and tiered flannel skirt

I know it seems waaay too early to be thinking about the holidays, but if you are like me, you've already started doing bits and pieces of your holiday shopping, while secretly starting a mental list of all the goodies that you're hoping your loved ones will be buying you come December. Urban Outfitters just sent over their Holiday preview, and I already have added half a dozen more items to my secret wishlist. As many of you know, UO recently launched the Around the World collection, featuring their favorite brands from across the globe, including a few of my Swedish favorites like Dagmar, Rodebjer, and Carin Wester. They will continue to carry these lines through the holidays, and in addition are bringing in Peter Jensen, with a lower-priced line called PJ. Having recently picked up one of the last remaining tees from Peter Jensen's Weekday collaboration while I was in Sweden, I'm super excited to get a hold of Jensen's signature quirky-cute aesthetic again, at the same price-point. Number one on my wishlist? The adorable sweater above, featuring the mug of a giant bunny rabbit.

Pins & Needles puff sleeve faux fur coat.

BDG cardigan, flannel, and sequin mini skirt, UO gold bear purse

ByCorpus sequin stripe sweater, Nom de Plume Yaya skirt

PJ by Peter Jensen sweater dress and three-collar shirt

Carin Wester coat

Pins and Needles velvet bow blouse, Sparkle & Fade burn-out velvet skirt


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The Anthology said...

You know what? As soon as it became fall all I've been thinking about are the holidays.

Love them! And I love these shots too.


Caddy said...

These are great. My family's started holiday shopping too.

Ivania said...

days are getting shorter and colder... I am looking forard to a christmas tree :)

I love that Carin wester image

Justyna (StylebyJ) said...

Superb blog! Loving your post an those pictures are amazing! Justyna