Friday, October 22, 2010

Katie Pulls No Punches

One of the coolest shows I saw all fashion week was definitely Katie Gallagher's presentation at the Stoll Knitting Center. This season, Katie diverged from her usual all-black palette with shots of bright orange and blue, and created a collection that was inspired by sports, but still maintained her signature futuristic silhouettes. Katie had the help of another amazing Kate, Kate Lanphear, who styled the show, and it seemed like a perfect pairing. Highlights included a black bolero-styled jacket with ballooning sleeves, perfectly paneled leggings, and an incredibly covetable pair of boxing gloves that doubled as a bag.


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Kimberley said...

Love the designs

Kristina said...

wow - those are one of the most amazing pieces I saw for a long time!

thank you so much for sharing

lady sélénite said...

Beautiful and impressive !

Carla said...

Gorgeous, love ur blog!

Redhead In Law

Brandon Acton-Bond said...

That boxing glove bag is totally you Tiff!

pink horrorshow said...

These were all so gorgeous but that last paneled jacket is especially stunning, omg. Love the mixture of fabrics!

little moon lover said...

I love geometrical shapes and cuts.. these are by far some of the best designs I've seen..
love it.

Kelly said...

Amazing!! Very inspiring.

<3 Kelly