Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hail Mary

A selection of digitally-printed dresses from Mary Katrantzou's Spring 2011 collection

Yesterday night, I stopped by the London Show Rooms with two of my favorite boys, Brandon and Hector, to take a look at the Spring collections from Britain's finest up and coming designers. It was an incredibly geeky pleasure to meet some of my favorite designers in person, and one of the highlights of the night was meeting Mary Katrantzou and getting an up-close look at her extraordinary digital printed dresses. Mary is a personal design hero of mine, and like a true fan, I decided to wear one of her perfume bottle dresses for the evening, which made her very happy. Mary originally studied to be an architect before switching over to textile design, and eventually fashion, and her latest collection was inspired by interiors. Images of entire rooms are digitally printed onto the garments, which are constructed in a hodgepodge of fabrics that visually resemble the different materials one might find in a room (marble, tiles, curtain tassels), but to the touch, possess the softness of silk. Amongst my favorite pieces were a pair of skirts modeled after lamp-shades, complete with dangling crystal trim, that Mary worried wouldn't be produced, but which have surprisingly sold quite well. I love every piece in the collection so much, I'm thinking of asking my friend Andrew Yang to dress my doll in one her pieces (she saw his Mary Katrantzou dollies, and approves of his interpretation). Not to sound like a total creep, but I'll do anything to get more Mary in my life!

One of the interior dresses, constructed with fabrics that resemble marble and ceiling tile

I don't know where the image is from, but the deep oak colors remind me of Philip Johnson's Four Seasons restaurant in New York

Some gorgeous jewels dripping with Swarovski crystals

Lampshade skirt number one

Lampshade skirt two, which really looks like an old-fashioned lampshade!

I love how the curtain-skirt falls right where you imagine the curtains in the digital image to fall

More "curtains"

One of Mary's more "commercial" pieces, a printed blouse with a huge chandelier at the neck


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melina bee said...

um, since I love both photorealistic prints on fabric and architecture/interiors, I am swooning. would trip out on myself if I were to wear one of these. melina bee

devilishlypleasurable said...

the details are absolutely amazing. i am digging the lampshade skirt and wondering what shoes i'd pair with them.

joy said...

I want the lampshade skirt sooo bad. Anna Dello Russo has one!


carlyjcais said...

Oh, I just LOVE this collection! I am so glad you posted close-ups of it, it is just so fantastic. I just wish you had also posted a photo of your gorgeous self wearing the perfume bottle dress!


Caddy said...

I thought at first those lampshade skirts were clutches and handbags, and they could be :).

Carolyn said...

wow these dresses and skirts are INSANE! so creative