Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Goodbye Horses

While many jewelry designers (myself included) are still using the age-old technique of wax-carving to create their work, designer Jordan Askill seems light-years ahead of the pack with his perfectly proportioned, intricately detailed pieces created through 3-D computer rendering programs. Starting as a sculptor, Jordan made the brilliant decision to render his larger scale resin sculptures of packs of galloping horses and panthers into smaller-scale, wearable pieces. His second season includes large resin helmets made of flowers, and "backpacks" made of prowling panthers, in addition to smaller and slightly-more traditional looking fine-jewelry pieces following the same themes. While at first glance, his gold and ruby rings and aquiline necklaces look like traditional jewels, closer inspection reveals a menagerie of streamlined miniature animals, all dynamically rendered in movement. My favorite piece? The crystal horse jewelry box, which looks like an ice-sculpture of gallivanting horses, but opens to store jewelry, and is transparent, allowing your precious gems to peek through.


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Brandon Acton-Bond said...

Absolutely loved Jordan's stuff at the BFC showroom! He's so sweet too!

Mary said...
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lady sélénite said...

So fine details, these jewelries are piece of art !