Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Garbage Dressing

Zana Bayne metallic leather wing harness, Alexander Koutny top, Lerario Beatriz skirt

On Monday afternoon, I finally got the chance to visit my incredibly talented friend Zana Bayne, who you all probably know from the blog Garbage Dress. The purpose of the visit was twofold: I wanted to hang out and take a peek at Zana's magical leather workshop, and then of course, get fitted for one of her famous harnesses, which I've been lusting after ever since she started making them. Zana has been hard at work designing her new collection, building on her basic harnesses to create more complicated latices of leather, which form intricate geometric patterns and shapes. While it's difficult to classify the harnesses as accessories, clothes, belts or jewelry, since they are a mix of all of these things at once, it might be easier to think of them as leather exoskeletons that fit to the contours of the body.

Most impressively, each piece is made to measure by Zana herself, who is a full-on one-woman business. It means that she works very hard, but it also keeps costs reasonable, and considering the quality and the craftsmanship involved, the harnesses are a steal, starting around $85 for a shoulder piece. Personally, the only thing that's kept me from buying one yet is the overwhelming number of options, but after my visit, and trying on several styles, I finally settled on the classic 3-wing harness, in a lovely shade of chestnut brown. Zana says it will probably be ready in a week or so, and I'm already thinking of all the ways I can wear it this fall over my jackets and coats. I'll make sure to show you all, and in the meantime, make sure to stop by Zana's online store!

Zana modeling the natural colored basic harness

An entire rack of harness samples and prototypes

All of Zana's leather is stored on top of her fridge

A harness from Zana's new collection.


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Madame G said...

Gorgeous! I've just asked my husband to buy the 3 wing shoulder piece in black for my 30th birthday. I hope he contacts Zana soon!

Cazzo said...

I've been looking for a harness for sooo long, does your friend ship to Sweden?? (a)

Six Six Sick said...


Yes, Zana ships worldwide!


joy said...

The outfit looks well put together.


lucinda said...

I've also been wanting to order a harness from Zana but have been boggled by the choices. I think I'm leaning towards the classic harness. It must have been great to feel all the pieces in person x

bravegrrl said...

love zanas belts and harnesses!!!!

SOFIA said...

ммм ...какой классный блог!))<3