Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Color Me Bad

Yesterday afternoon, I finally got the chance to visit my bestie Ashley at her office, The Globe Showroom, and take a peek at some of their Spring collections. I think it says a lot when someone knows and understands your personal style, and there are only a handful of friends who I can count on for spotting something that's truly "me." So often, the stuff that people expect me to like is garishly tacky, overly kitchy, or just plain ugly, leading me to question, "is this really what you think of me?" I mean, I know I have weird taste, but that doesn't mean I like every single misshapen monstrosity that wanders down the runway (although I admit that I do like quite a few, but more on that another time).

Anyway, for the past month, Ashley has been telling me how much I would love Clarissa Labin's eponymous knitwear line, and I have to say, she was totally right. The collection, which is designed for color-loving individuals like myself, hits the perfect balance between daring and chic. Inspired by both sea-shell and totem pole shapes, the collection includes plenty of gorgeous intarsia knit dresses and colorblock leggings, all infused with bright pops of fuchsia (a guilty pleasure of mine), mustard, and coral. Of course, they look best when worn all together for a full-on color blast, and Ashley was right--I want everything!


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Ivania said...

insane!I love how I got confused by the cutouts the first seconds I looked at the first garments...it kind of looked like everything was made up by cutouts and loose elements

little moon lover said...

totally awesome.. these pieces are seriously cool