Sunday, October 31, 2010

Triskaidekaphobia Tricks and Treats

Skeksis Claw Ring.

Happy Halloween! I thought I would share with you some images from the Triskaidekaphobia Fall 2010 collection lookbook, which features the lovely Mallory June. This season, we created two groups: the first was inspired by the nautical imagery of shipwrecks and sea-monsters, the second by the jewelry of my favorite guilty television pleasure, The Tudors (Jimmy calls it "lady filth") and the creatures in Jim Henson's film, The Dark Crystal. Pieces from the collection are available online at The Moon and Mars, Convent, and Kabiri, and you can find a full list of our stockists here.

Stained glass window rosary necklace and earrings

Rose window necklace

Tiger shark tooth necklace and skeksis claw earrings

Sea Monster ring

Shark tooth necklace and single earring

Sunken treasure coral necklace and starfish headband


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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rainbow Coalition

For Spring 2011, Meadham Kirchhoff designed the most sophisticated Harajuku girl collection of my dreams. Each look is so strong and so perfectly styled, I have to admit, when I saw the clothes in person at the London Show Room, viewing each garment separately felt like seeing them out of context. They didn't seem quite complete without the rainbow hair, the funny patchwork socks, clunky sequined shoes, and the ornate Nasir Mazhar headpieces. Thankfully, I had all the runway images on hand, laid out in the Lisa Frank-style lookbook of my grade-school fantasies, to guide me through how the pieces should be worn. Normally I don't advise lifting looks straight off the runway, but when it's this good, you kinda don't want to mess with it. Just looking at it makes me want to revert to my teenage hair-dyed days, but I know that if I tried the rainbow color combo every member of my family (husband, parents, brother) would think I was having a personal crisis. I will have to settle on pouring over these images over and over--I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


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Friday, October 29, 2010

Tees (Two Ways)

Flower tee courtesy of Blood is the New Black, Prada skirt, Carin Wester Jacket, Jeffrey x Keds white patent sneakers courtesy of Keds, Triskaidekaphobia tooth necklace.

Blood is the New Black
is one of the few companies that consistently produces great graphic tees that I actually like. They've just released their Winter 2010 collection, with a couple of new artists like Jenny Mortsell and Derek Albeck on the roster, and they let me pick out a couple of their new designs. I ended up choosing two very different ones: a glorious floral tee that appeals to my girlier side, and an oversized tee with a bunch of flannel shirts arranged to form a frowning face that reminds me of Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas, and fits in with my grungier sensibilities. The beauty of getting dressed each morning is that you can totally change how you look and feel depending on what you put on, and both tees are suited for different moods, but are still very "me." Nevermind the fact that I kinda look like two different people in the pictures. Here are some photos of how I styled my shirts, and some other great tees from the Blood is the New Black Winter lookbook.

Terror boyfriend tee courtesy of Blood is the New Black, Kate Moss x Topshop leather jacket, Six Six Sick deconstructed flannel, Earnest Sewn skirt, Opening Ceremony x Keds studded faux-suede sneakers courtesy of Keds, Triskaidekaphobia tooth necklace and earring.


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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Just a quick note before I head out to host Main Man. We're partnering with one of our favorite stores (and Triskaidekaphobia stockists), Convent, to host a blow-out Halloween party. The theme is Carnival, and we encourage you to costume yourself accordingly. We've already started making our outfits, and they might be our best yet! Hope to see you there!

Six Six Sick & Convent present CARNIVĂ€LE - a freakshow spectacular on the night of Halloween.

Costumes encouraged.

Will Cameron
Michael Cavadias
Victoria Bergsman (Taken By Trees)

The Drums
Diane Birch

310 Spring Street (at Greenwich St)



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Quiet Haus

As you might have noticed, I'm a total sucker for digital prints. While I normally wouldn't categorize Julie Haus's work as "my style," I was immediately enraptured by the beautiful prints and the softly constructed tailoring of her Spring collection. The silhouettes are slightly drapey, yet fitted to the body, and manage to perfectly echo the undulating and abstract colors of her prints. Julie recently opened a store at 485 Broome St, which I will have to check out. Here are some images from her lookbook, and some photos I took while I was at the showroom.


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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Goodbye Horses

While many jewelry designers (myself included) are still using the age-old technique of wax-carving to create their work, designer Jordan Askill seems light-years ahead of the pack with his perfectly proportioned, intricately detailed pieces created through 3-D computer rendering programs. Starting as a sculptor, Jordan made the brilliant decision to render his larger scale resin sculptures of packs of galloping horses and panthers into smaller-scale, wearable pieces. His second season includes large resin helmets made of flowers, and "backpacks" made of prowling panthers, in addition to smaller and slightly-more traditional looking fine-jewelry pieces following the same themes. While at first glance, his gold and ruby rings and aquiline necklaces look like traditional jewels, closer inspection reveals a menagerie of streamlined miniature animals, all dynamically rendered in movement. My favorite piece? The crystal horse jewelry box, which looks like an ice-sculpture of gallivanting horses, but opens to store jewelry, and is transparent, allowing your precious gems to peek through.


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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hail Mary

A selection of digitally-printed dresses from Mary Katrantzou's Spring 2011 collection

Yesterday night, I stopped by the London Show Rooms with two of my favorite boys, Brandon and Hector, to take a look at the Spring collections from Britain's finest up and coming designers. It was an incredibly geeky pleasure to meet some of my favorite designers in person, and one of the highlights of the night was meeting Mary Katrantzou and getting an up-close look at her extraordinary digital printed dresses. Mary is a personal design hero of mine, and like a true fan, I decided to wear one of her perfume bottle dresses for the evening, which made her very happy. Mary originally studied to be an architect before switching over to textile design, and eventually fashion, and her latest collection was inspired by interiors. Images of entire rooms are digitally printed onto the garments, which are constructed in a hodgepodge of fabrics that visually resemble the different materials one might find in a room (marble, tiles, curtain tassels), but to the touch, possess the softness of silk. Amongst my favorite pieces were a pair of skirts modeled after lamp-shades, complete with dangling crystal trim, that Mary worried wouldn't be produced, but which have surprisingly sold quite well. I love every piece in the collection so much, I'm thinking of asking my friend Andrew Yang to dress my doll in one her pieces (she saw his Mary Katrantzou dollies, and approves of his interpretation). Not to sound like a total creep, but I'll do anything to get more Mary in my life!

One of the interior dresses, constructed with fabrics that resemble marble and ceiling tile

I don't know where the image is from, but the deep oak colors remind me of Philip Johnson's Four Seasons restaurant in New York

Some gorgeous jewels dripping with Swarovski crystals

Lampshade skirt number one

Lampshade skirt two, which really looks like an old-fashioned lampshade!

I love how the curtain-skirt falls right where you imagine the curtains in the digital image to fall

More "curtains"

One of Mary's more "commercial" pieces, a printed blouse with a huge chandelier at the neck


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