Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Russel Brand Loves Triskaidekaphobia + We're Having a Sample Sale

Russell Brand wearing our Triskaidekaphobia "Drink Me" necklace. Image by Getty Images via Gawker.

So, I'm about two minutes from passing out (when will I learn that ten hour work days on four hours of sleep never work), but I have two tidbits of information that I wanted to share with you all. First off, my eagle-eyed friend Maddy spotted this picture of Russell Brand wearing our "Drink Me" bottle necklace on Gawker yesterday. I know the bottle is backwards, but like a mother knows her child, I know that we produced this necklace. Making things is a strange business. Christina and I put everything together in our shoebox apartments, and then send them off into the world. We don't know where they end up. Sometimes they land on our friends who we love and adore, and sometimes they land in unexpected places, like on the neck of Russell Brand (who we love and adore from a very far distance) while he patronizes Harry Potter events. I don't know how Russell got it, if he bought it himself, or if it was a gift. I like to imagine that maybe it was a present from his fiancee Katy Perry. In all probability though, I'm guessing it was bought at London jewelry store Kabiri, where Helena Bonham Carter also picked up a "Drink Me" bottle necklace.

Anyway, this brings me to my second tidbit of information. If you live in New York and would like to get a hold of one of our pieces, including the aforementioned "Drink Me" necklace, we will be having a one night only sample sale at the Ace Hotel (20 W.29th St. Room 811) tomorrow evening from 5-8pm. Our jewelry will be 50-70% of retail, and we'll be selling our wares alongside ten other awesome up-and-coming designers. Cupcakes and champagne will be served. You can find out more information on all the designers involved at the Ace Hotel Pop-up Showroom Website. Hope to see you there--I'll be getting there a little late since I'm coming from work, but I would love to meet you all!


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Insomnia said...

Wow, congrats!
I'm totally in love with Russel Brand, so if it was my necklace he was wearing, I'd totally freak out :)
Necklace is very nice btw!

Caddy said...

Russel Brand! V. Cool!

Hope you have an awesome sample sale. I live in Asia so I can't stop by but have fun all the same!

Charles said...

too cool! he's hilarious. xx