Friday, September 24, 2010

Portrait of the Artist

Closeup of the pink brushstroke dress. All photos by Peggy Ann McDonnell.

Jonathan Cohen was the first person to send me an invite to his show this season, adding a personal note telling me he was a longtime reader of the blog. Even though I skipped a lot of shows and events this season, I couldn't say no to a blog reader, and found myself scurrying from work to catch the last five minutes of his presentation. I'm so happy that I got to view the collection in person, which was inspired by the artist's paintbrush, and full of intricate details that photographs cannot capture.

The paintbrush itself appeared literally emblazoned on the most show-stopping piece of the collection, dashing a hot-pink brushstroke made out of dyed horsehair across the blank canvas of a white dress. Vivid brushstrokes appeared elsewhere in the collection, mainly in Cohen's swirling custom prints. I do not believe that fashion is art, but I do appreciate the artistry inherent in good design, and think that it is fully manifested in the inspired collection. I love how the running theme of the show glorified the process of creation, without using the overly self-referential fashion design tropes that many designers fall into. At the same time, Cohen never loses sight of the fact that real women are meant to wear the clothes, and they are constructed to flatter, and to move. Certainly an auspicious beginning for the young designer.


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Caddy said...

I like the details of his clothing and the colors he picked out. They show that he put thought into it.

melina bee said...

the first dress is beyond clever, adore it

Charles said...

all just awe-inducing! I really love the brush stroke dress and the outfit with the matching tie and skirt! xx

Masha said...

yeah right. a very beautiful collection. and you're really lucky to been invite to a presentation. but I think, for me, fashion is an art... not all brands and clothes, but it's an art. now that all already existed and all been invited before us because of years and years of fashion being, our designers stuff is to create something new and we must go through art for this.

xoxo masha for you

The Man Inside said...

Such divine colour blending. I particularly enjoyed the black skirt. The artist seems to have a distinguished touch and it is very inspiring to say the least. Excellent work and I wish the brand much success!