Monday, September 27, 2010

Moon Phases

All photos by Jessy Price

When I went to see the Frank Tell presentation at Milk Studios, the crowd was so densely packed I could barely see the models, much less get a blurry photograph in. What I did see though was something that always piques my interests: tons of loose hand knits that beg to be touched. As I've mentioned before, last winter I started out on my own Rodarte-inspired knit sweater, and I would say it's 95% complete. I had to put down the needles when summer came, cause I just hate the feel of thick wool when it's hot outside, but now that the cooler weather is coming, I'll pick up my latchhook again. Anyway, Tell's knits have added more fuel to the inspirational fire. He himself was inspired by living moss walls, and texturally the pieces bear a striking resemblance to the rugged half-alien terrain of Icelandic countryside. The fell-from-the-moon look was completed with space-age hairdos and Raphael Young's sleek and forward-looking boots. It was a beautiful collection, and I have to give a special congratulations to my friend Hector, who is one of the founding partners of the company (and who sent me these photographs, which are far better than my own).


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somewherebetweenwakingandsleeping said...

I AM DYING TO SEE THIS RODARTE DIY OF YOURS!!!!!! Youve been talking about it forever - cant wait til you post it! :)

melly said...

absolutely wonderful, feminine, awesome.

Idee Fixe ( said...

Oh my, now that is very inspiring knitwear! It really does have a very tactile quality. Yum.

Caddy said...

I love the hair!