Sunday, September 5, 2010

In Wolves Clothing

The Red Empress, from Andrew Yang's personal design collection of evil queens from outer space!

The only time I ever get to see Andrew Yang anymore is when we're dropping of miniature accessories for his dolls. Andrew has been essentially locked in his studio for the past six months, pumping out his ever-growing collection of couture Kouklitas. While he just wrapped up a giant project for Joyce Hong Kong, he has plenty more on his plate, and one of his latest projects is a special installation at the SHOWstudio Shop (1-9 Bruton Place) for London's Fashion's Night Out on Wednesday, September 8th. The show, In Wolves Clothing: Re-imagining the Doll, features six of Andrew's new outrageous creations. While four of the dolls (including Lady Gaga) sport some of Alexander McQueen's most famous looks from past seasons as a miniature tribute to the deceased legend, two of the dolls are part of Andrew's personal design collection of evil queens from outer space! Make sure to stop by if you are in London, but here's a sneak preview if you're not...The rest of the collection will be unveiled at Milan Fashion Week!

Gaga wearing Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 from the Bad Romance video--check out the shoes!

Isadore is wearing Alexander McQueen Spring 2001

Ramona is wearing Alexander McQueen Fall 2007, one of my favorite collections of all time

Mathilda is wearing Alexander McQueen Spring 2003

Vizier, another member of the fleet of evil queens from outer space...


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joy said...

Congratulations to him because these are breath taking.


Linda said...

I love Andrew Yang's work. His attention to detail and execution is amazing.

Denise said...

he just continues to top himself--a true inspiration indeed! I can't wait to see what he does next!