Friday, September 17, 2010

Girls Will Be Boys

Who knew that The Griffin looked so classy during the daytime? Designer Jonathan Simkhai transformed the tiny Meatpacking boite into a jewelbox that perfectly showcased his latest collection, featuring classic ladylike pleated skirts and sequined shifts counterbalanced with elements raided from the boyfriend's closet. A football jersey was paired with a full fifties-style skirt, a vixenish leather dress was layered over a tailored button down top, and sporty tube socks poked out of high-heeled pumps. Simkhai nailed the boy-meets-girl trend without becoming overly tomboy, ensuring that even his most femme customers, like my bestie Ashley who reps his line at The Globe Showroom, will still be sporting his pieces.


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joy said...

That last look is my absolute favorite. I want to try and replicate it when I get home.


Caddy said...

Cute looks!

Maggie said...

wow I love the leather skirt in the third look! that's the one I want! hehe

Frou Flu said...

brilliant:) i especially love the first, second, and fourth look:)

the1015lab said...

I love the glasses! Do you know the brand?