Saturday, September 11, 2010

Riots in the Streets!

Alexander Wang dress and shoes, Kate Moss x Topshop leather jacket, Collina Strada bag courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

So, if you went out at all last night for Fashion's Night Out, you know that it was a complete mess (i.e. s**tshow). As I mentioned, I had the idea that I would stop by all of the Manhattan stores that carry Triskaidekaphobia, which turned out to be kinda a bad idea. While I'm really happy I got to Convent, Seven New York, and Screaming Mimi's with a few pitstops in between, getting from place to place was a nightmare. The streets were overflowing with crowds like it was New Year's Eve or Halloween, and taxis were impossible to come by, which meant walking and taking public transit everywhere.

On the plus side, I saw almost every single person I love and care about in one night. I hung out with my boy Travis at Convent, bought a pair rainbow colored C. Neeon leggings from our friends at Seven, and finished the night at Mimi's, where the whole gang had gathered by the end of the evening. After a long day of shows and FNO, Christina and I had to head to Webster to host. Needless to say I was so exhausted and filled with so many cheap drinks by the time I got home, I ended up feeling kinda sick, and spent about twelve hours in bed having half-waking dreams about unattainable Choco Tacos and Swedish Sitting Bull Ice Cream pops. A totally crazy and weird evening. Can't believe it's only Saturday and we have the rest of NYFW to go.

My stone encrusted acrylic nails, which I picked up at Urban Outfitters for $10! Don't ask why my hands are so busted up, I'm clumsy...

Live models in the window of Kiki de Montparnasse

Our favorite fashion editor, Paper Magazine's Mr. Mickey, showing off his Catherine Malandrino necklace at Mimi's

One of the gorgeous Mimi's girls, China!

Jacob perused the Racks of Love racks that him and The Drums had made for the night, and ended up getting yet another green grandpa sweater.

The boys! Don't they look like the weirdest boy band ever assembled? Waseem is the goth, Adam is the Acid House guy, and Jacob and Caleb are the 90's indie rockers.

Fire dancing at the Bond Street Fair


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wobblinbetty said...

I've been to Vogue fashion night in Milan two days ago and it was the same incredible mess... :)

joy said...

There were fire throwers at Rug &Co too! Hamish Bowles performed. I heard people were being trampled outside Chanel. This was my first and I had a lot of fun.

bravegrrl said...

great dress grrl!

Amanda said...

yeah it was a total shitshow.. i didn't even make it to bond st. but heard it was mobbed. i love your whole outfit girl! do those nails stay on?

Charles said...

my hands are pretty busted also, i'm a complete spaz! i love your rhinestone tips and your photos are so entertaining! :) xx