Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Don't be a jerk Johnny, and other unfashionable stories...

John and Jimmy reunited at last. When he got back, we had a big party for him at Emily's apartment.

I'm really backlogged in posting from from Fashion Week, but I need a tiny breather from all the Rachel Zoe talk. Here are some unfashionable iPhone photos from the last month, which has been awesome, albeit a bit stressful. John and Jacob came back to town for a ten day break between The Drums nonstop tour schedule, Christina and my niece Emma both celebrated their birthdays, and Life Curated finally opened in Williamsburg. Oh, and we finally shot our lookbook, with the wonderful Mallory June and our friend Dom (real photos to come). Here are the not-very-good photos documenting it all. And make sure to watch the new Drums video for "Down By the Water" below, which was inspired by an old Shangri-las video.

After John's party, we went to Cameo in Williamsburg to see Eric from the Tough Alliance DJ. It's a really cute little place hidden in the back of Lovin' Cup, and I would probably go there all the time if I hung out in Brooklyn.

For Christina's birthday, I bought her Chikalicious cupcakes, and Adam bought her a tub of Hanna beads from Ikea. We spent half the night doing kids crafts before going to Morrissey night at Sway. Adam made the Pacman ghost, and I made the Pacman, the Comme des Garcons heart, and the rainbow heart.

My niece Emma also celebrated her fifth birthday with a Hello Kitty themed birthday party (i.e., the party of my dreams). Here she is, about to bash in the face of her Hello Kitty pinata.

We finally got around to shooting our Triskaidekaphobia lookbook! Mallory June was such an amazing model, and Dom is always so great to work with.

Life: Curated opened. They have an incredible rope installation running across their entire ceiling.

The Drums video for "Down by the Water"


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