Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Deep Blue Sea Darlin

One of the most talked about shows of Stockholm Fashion Week was the Rodebjer spring presentation, which was an intimate affair staged in a tiny castle on an island called Kastelholmen. A small group of forty people crammed into the little venue, which looked like it had been built for a child prince, and provided an appropriately regal setting for the show.

Like many other designers at SFW, Carin Rodebjer was influenced by Americana this season, drawing inspiration from Fisher Island, a private island owned by the Vanderbilts near Miami. Luxury, combined with a sense of ease and escape, were fundamental elements in building the collection of haute weekend clothes, which wouldn't have looked out of place in The Great Gatsby. Moving away from the usual all-black and neutral Scandinavian uniform, all of the colors were based on sun, sea and skin tones, mixed with exuberant watercolor and confetti patterns. Standout pieces include nightwear-inspired garments like the wide, pajama-style trousers, as well as the square wool ponchos and long coats. I'm definitely hoping to add one of the ponchos to my wardrobe, in addition to the wide-brimmed, open-topped sun hats that provided the perfectly chic accent to all of the looks. I had trouble shooting photos because the lighting was reflecting off one of the mirrors, but here are some images from the lookbook, which my girl Rachel emailed me, as well as a couple of detail shots I caught on my iPhone.


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bravegrrl said...

great post and sounds like a lovely affair... love the first two looks!

joy said...

I love so many pieces from this collection!

Caddy said...

I love the draping and colors. They clothes look simple and easy to wear but you can tell thought went into making them.