Monday, September 6, 2010

Cast A Spell On You

I know I've been bogged down with catch-up posts from Sweden, but while I was away I got an email from the other side of the world that intrigued me as much as any of the Stockholm designers I viewed. Ashburn Eng's line Young & Restless is inspired by the occult, and the relationship between good and evil spiritual forces. However, the designer is quick to point out that the collection is not inspired by the gothic, but by "the darker side of imagination" and "the culture of fear and self-limitations." Based out of Singapore, and created in collaboration with local label Max.Tan, the collection opened my eyes to talent in a corner of the world I've overlooked as a source of emerging design talent. When I visited Singapore four years ago, what stuck with me most was the almost oppressive cleanliness and strident observation of order. It's refreshing to see something that breaks with my previous conceptions of Singapore, which is perhaps worthy of a second look.


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missrantsypants said...

Im loving the long braid.

Maggie said...

These are beautiful pictures. I don't see them goth-inspired as some people might--i see them being spiritually inspired. Very beautiful.

sarah said...

i love the geometric shapes worked into the draping. and damn i wish my hair did that.