Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Black is the New Black

Riccardo Tisci created this dress with overlapping 'bondage' straps

As someone who really doesn't like crowds (being extra short usually guarantees I'll have my face jammed up next to someone's armpit or the like), Fashion Week has put me in a lot more squishy situations than I'd normally choose to participate in. Monday night was no exception. Swarovski elements commissioned twenty-two designers, including Lanvin, Givenchy, Fendi, Marios Schwab, and Boudicca to create their own versions of the classic Little Black Dress, incorporating Swarovski stones. It was really fantastic to see how each designer interpreted the classic, and a few even dared to diverge from the monochromatic palette with bits of gold mesh and the occasional flashes of color. The dresses were auctioned off that night to benefit the American Cancer Society, and New York's finest and fanciest ladies, including Halle Berry and Julianna Margulies, turned up to bid for the one-of-a-kind designer gems. While I wasn't amongst the select few who went home with a dress--the prices were just a tad bit out of my price range--they did give every guest a nice hard-covered auction catalog to take home as a wee consolation prize. Here are a few of my favorite gems of the evening.

My personal favorite--Martin Grant created a faded ombre pattern out of the crystals

Lanvin dress with Swarovski necklace detail

Phillip Lim was inspired by Picasso's cubist collages

Alexis Mabille covered his dress in stones to create crystal scales

Sonia Rykiel's "Tete d'Affiche" or "Top Billing" dress

Gaspard Yurkievich created this armor like piece out of crystal mesh

Valentino dress with crystal-embellished flange

Missoni's dress featured it's signature knit encrusted with thousands of crystals


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joy said...

There is a definite edginess to the appeal of these clothes but there is also an elegance here.


lucinda said...

The Riccardo Tisci wins for me but with all those crystals - wouldn't it be very heavy to wear?

Six Six Sick said...


I imagine that many of these pieces would be as heavy as a suit of armor, but they're also as costly as a museum piece, so I don't even know if the people who bought them are actually planning on wearing them! I would surely wear them if I could afford to though (ha).


Emily said...

so many incredible dresses!!! lusting the embellishments and different fabrics!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

You were so lucky to get to see these beauties, even if you couldn't bid:(. My fave is the Sonia Rykiel - ingenious design that I think would look flattering on. Some of the designs are a bit boxy - but hey, who am I? As if I can buy them! Hehe! By the way I love your blog and I'm now following xo