Sunday, August 1, 2010

Work of Art

Collina Strada bag and LeBij by Bijules bar ring, courtesy of Urban Outfitters, Diana Orving top, Judi Rosen shorts, Alexander Wang sandals, Slow and Steady Wins the Race Sunglasses, Triskaidekaphobia leather restraint cuff and ring, Anni Albers DIY washer necklace.

First off, let me apologize for repeatedly posting crappy iPhone photos. Recently, the summer heat has made me even lazier than I usually am (which is pretty lazy to start with), and I can't be bothered to carry around my real camera. At least I just upgraded to the iPhone 4, which takes marginally better photos, and has a flash, thus making it almost as good as a normal crap camera. It's also supposed to be even more fragile than the iPhone 3G, and is made out of two panes of glass (WTF??!). The jerks at the Apple store actually had the nerve to tell me that it was "more like a work of art than a phone."

Whatever. If you ask me, the real work of art in my life is my new Collina Strada bag that was one of the gifts Urban Outfitters sent us as a thank you for DJing the Let's Make Up party a few weeks ago. I became obsessed with Collina Strada's handbags at her event at EVA earlier this summer, and am so happy to have one of her beautiful pieces. I normally am not a fan of hobo bags, but designer Hillary Taymour gives the boho-staple a decidedly fashion-forward spin, and I'm always fascinated by the abstract prints that she uses. I love this thing so much, I would probably take it to bed with me at night if my husband wouldn't object. I'm even tempted to buy her Sierra pouch bag, which is on sale right now. Urban was also kind enough to send over a black bar ring from their new collaboration with our friend Bijules called Le Bij, which is part of their new Jewelry Studio. I wore them both out to Jelly NYC's Rock Yard in Williamsburg yesterday to see Skeletons Big Band, followed by fried chicken dinner at The Commodore (excellent).

Speaking of works of art, I'm obsessed with Work of Art: The Next Great Artist on Bravo. Maybe it's because one of the most talented (and pompous) contestants, Miles, bears a striking resemblance to my hubby. Maybe it's because China Chow beats any other reality television host in the outfit game, and appears much more human than Heidi or Padma (do they cry when contestants get eliminated?). Or maybe it's the amazing lineup of guest judges that have visited for art crits, including Andres Serrano and Ryan McGinness. You're lucky that Bravo sucks about putting out YouTube clips of their shows, otherwise I would post a ton of them. Go download the show now.

Fighting extreme wind with big accessories

Le Bij by Bijules bar ring


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Maggie said...

I love big sack bags. You can carry everything in them!

little moon lover said...

awesome shoes!

lucinda said...

I used to have reservations about large bags but once I realised how much I could carry it's hard to go back!

M said...

so in love with this ring!!!
get in my closet!