Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ways of Seeing

Each Stockholm Fashion Week, a Mercedes-Benz Young Fashion Industry Award is given to a young designer, with the prize being funding for their next fashion show, which will also be presented as part of the next SFW. Out of over a hundred applicants, six finalists were chosen to present a capsule collection.

While Klara Sjons Nilsson didn't win the award, her collection was one of my favorites presented. A recent Beckmans graduate, Nilsson showed a clean, crisp collection of classic shapes that were then altered to give the viewer the effect of a double-vision of sorts. Nilsson states, "I have examined how we relate to the two-dimensional reality. How we interpret images by using our visual archives. By interpreting this two-dimensional world and my thoughts surrounding it I have created my collection – my parallel world." The collection appeared to take the clothes of a sophisticated, well dressed lady, and refract them through the lens of distorted memory, resulting in new, striking shapes and silhouettes that were altogether more interesting than their original counterparts. It's definitely a very interesting concept that I would love to see explored further.


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Jade said...

I liked this collection....But some of the pieces reminded me to much of celine.

Jade Appeal

Insomnia said...

Way too cool!

Alex Page said...

I loved the first dress! Amazing!

Six Six Sick said...


I agree, upon first glance the collection looks a lot like Celine, or even Chloe. But if you look closer, although it may be hard to see in the photos, the silhouettes are significantly altered to create something entirely different.


Maggie said...

I dunno, holes in a jacket kinda defeat the purpose for me.

Linda said...

Those knee high patent boots are to die for.