Sunday, August 29, 2010

Scandinavian Hot Nights

My favorite look, a melon colored knit party dress with contrasting colored shoulders.

For Stockholm Fashion Week, the ladies of Dagmar put on a perfectly relaxed presentation in the courtyard of their office building, magically creating an environment that felt more like balmy Rio de Janeiro--the city that they were inspired by--than drizzly Stockholm. To simulate the warmth of Rio in Sweden, they lit a fire, served fruit skewers and mojitos, and had a live Brazilian band playing while models lounged in wicker furniture surrounded by parrots. Since Dagmar already presented in Amsterdam, the show was pretty low-key, with only a few looks modeled, and the rest of the collection hung on clothing lines above the crowd. Dagmar specializes in knits--of both the chunky sweater and the cut and sew variety, and this season's highlights included a heavy knit black and gold cardigan that looked like a blazer, and a knit bright melon-colored party dress with contrasting colored shoulders. The other highlight was watching the slightly nutso parrots creeping about and trying to chew on the models' hair--apparently they have an inexplicable attraction to tons of hairspray.

A gorgeous silk evening dress with frill details on the side

Live music

My awesome show companions, Travis of Convent, and his boyfriend Patrik.

The majority of the collection hung on a clothes line above the party, including some of Dagmar's amazing knit sweaters

A silk top with knit trousers.

Hairspray loving parrots


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Maggie said...

That caught me for a sec! the guitar player looks like a guy I used to date, but he's in texas heh. Musicians start to look alike after you've dated them all.

Insomnia said...

These parrots are so cute ^^