Monday, August 30, 2010


Country house outfit! Truly Madly Deeply dress, YSL belt, Alexander Wang sunglasses, Vivienne Westwood x Melissa shoes

I actually didn't go to Sweden to attend Stockholm Fashion Week, but to hang out with all of the faraway friends and family that I never get to see. No trip to Stockholm would be complete without a good old-fashioned trip to the archipelago, and since we arrived in August, it was the perfect time for a crayfish party. After Gabi was done with her show, and fashion week was over, we all packed our bags and headed out to Tobias's country house in Blido to eat some crayfish and drink schnapps. His house is actually more of a small family compound of little houses, all built by his father from salvaged wood and materials scrapped from other demolished houses, and constantly is a work in progress. Since the last time I've been there, they've already added another room, as well as a tiny playhouse for the kids.

Once we got there, they boys started cooking immediately. During fashion week, Susie Bubble and Phil from Street Peeper asked me what people in Stockholm ate, since it was evident that there is shortage of affordable, delicious restaurant options outside of fast food. I told them that everybody in Sweden cooks, and cooks really well, or at least everyone I know. The first night we got there, we had a barbecue with a pork roast, mackerel, and shrimp and vegetable skewers. The second night was all about the crayfish, which was accompanied by two Västerbotten Pies, salad, schnapps, and loud Swedish drinking songs.

After the meal, we played a game of very uncoordinated game of mafia, went for a chilly midnight swim (I watched), and had an all-night dance party on the porch. I actually didn't take too many pictures because by the time the actual party started, everyone involved was pretty much obliterated, and it would be quite unkind to show them (or myself) in that state. Here are some of the photos I can show, as well as some Swedish music from my new favorite, Jonathan Johansson.


Glass fishing floats

This room was built from salvaged doors, which still have their numbers on them

Oskar built a gigantic bonfire

Tobias picked some of the potatoes from his garden in the backyard

Newly picked potatoes for dinner!

Plenty of beer and tons of crayfish

Jonathan Johansson- En hand i himlen


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bravegrrl said...

love your dress and that food looks so yummy!

secret said...

look fun and i like your eye wear is really quirky and love you all

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Allegra LaViola said...

i am hugely jealous of how totally cool that looks.

Jenna said...

that guy Aapo makes me very curious because the name sounds finnish and he also looks like a dude from my school. maybe he just looks similar. the world can't really be that small :D i miss sweden. haven't been there since last summer, more than a year ago.though my aunt says i can go visit her anytime :) looks like you really had fun. ahh fashion week! i'm so jealous you got to go and see some shows :)


Six Six Sick said...


Aapo IS Finnish, so if you're from Helsinki, there's a good chance you've seen him around, and possibly even went to school with him! yes the world is a very small place indeed...