Monday, July 12, 2010

Yeasayers for Yarimaki

Yarimaki leggings. All photos from International Playground.

I find all the yapping about leggings being "out" pretty ridiculous. Aside from being a layering staple, I turn to leggings throughout fall as a warmer alternative to tights, and don't expect to retire them anytime soon--or at least not as long as New York keeps on hitting the single digit marks during the winter. And even though I wouldn't even think of wearing them right now considering what a scorching summer we've been enduring, I'm still always on the lookout for an interesting pair.

Yarimaki specializes in leggings and printed tees, and when I saw the leggings at International Playground, I totally felt like I needed to own a pair. Each pair is adorned with colorful and trippy drawing and doodles by the designer, Zoltan Almodo, featuring crazy cartoon eyeballs and smiley faces. They're made of a nice, thick material, perfect for fall--which I'm anxiously awaiting.


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Amanda said...

woah love the ones with the eyes!! i haven't been to international playground since the opening.. i really need to get back there.

The GUILTY HYENA said...

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Have a nice day! Ð

Val said...

The first one is dope. definitely agree with you that leggings are a staple ...preech it

Like A Muse said...

I love leggings, I even wear them as pants (though I have rules about that; no showing off my crotch and most of my rear needs to be covered as well). These are amazing, thanks for the link.

The chapel said...

psychedelics leggins !