Monday, July 26, 2010

Stockholm Shopping Guide

PUB shopping center in Stockholm

My friend Maddy just landed in Stockholm (she's married to one of my Swedish besties, Anton), and she asked me for suggestions for good places to shop. I won't be heading to Stockholm till next month, but here is a list of my favorite places, which might be slightly outdated since last year (I know one of my favorites, Black Market, has since closed). Feel free to add any other suggestions that I might have missed!

I always do most of my shopping in this three-story shopping mall, which carries almost every single amazing Swedish brand on the market, including Carin Wester, Rodebjer, Minimarket, Fith Avenue Shoe Repair, Nakkna, and Diana Orving. It's pretty much one-stop Scandinavian designer shopping, and if you only have time to hit up one store while you're in Stockholm, this is probably your best bet.

Jus- Another favorite, which serves as a showroom as well as a store. The store is on a hilly street, so the shop is a bit slanted, and I actually almost slipped down the sloping interior on a wet snowy day which was quite embarrassing, but it's one of the most beautifully built stores in Stockholm. They represent and carry Diana Orving, Pour, and Burfitt, and the sales staff is super attentive and friendly.

- One of the best shops on Soder. They also have a very strong lineup of Swedish designers, including Ann-Sofie Back, Camilla Norrback, David & Martin, Dagmar, Rodebjer, Nakkna, Hope, and Velour.

Tjallamalla- Honestly I've never bought anything at this store because the merchandising is too confusing for me. I think it's organized by color, so all of the designers are mixed in with the vintage clothing that they also carry. Nonetheless, there are some hard-to-find designers in the mix, including Noir et Blanc and Ida Sjostedt, and their buying is very similar to Pixie Market in New York.

Monki- Cheap Monday's little sister line, which is always cute and always very affordable. I usually spend hours in the dressing room trying everything on, and never leave without buying something. I really hope they open a store in New York someday!

Weekday Store
- I'm sad that they don't carry outside designers anymore, but I still love the Cheap Monday line, and their excellent designer collaborations. They also have a vintage store on the bottom floor. I hope they still have the Laura Mackness collaboration when I get there!

Nathalie Schuterman- The best place to get designer clothing in Stockholm, although the markup is pretty ridiculous. They carry Balenciaga, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, Marni, Chloe, Lanvin etcetera. Nothing you can't get in New York, but during sale season (usually 30-70% off), the prices are very reasonable.

Nitty Gritty- My friend Erik is part of the menswear buying team, and their selection of men's clothes is excellent. I think they're still building up their women's department, but I look forward to seeing what they have when I get back to Stockholm.

Below Outlet
- The only place in Stockholm for sample sales that I know of. They have different sample sales every weekend from Stockholm-based designers, but I think they're currently closed for summer. Hoping that they open up again by the time I get there--I've sent multiple email requests for them to ship overseas, to no avail (note to self: get a life).

Judits Second Hand- Probably the best place for used and vintage clothing, even if it's a tad bit pricier than the other vintage shops in the city. I've found plenty of early Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair there, and they always have a nice selection of vintage.

Beyond Retro-
Strictly vintage with decent prices. It reminds me of Screaming Mimi's.

One final note: it's worth stopping by the stand-up shops of Acne, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Carin Wester, Rodebjer, and Nakkna which carry their full collections.


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Amanda said...

bummer, black market closed? that store was rad.. i got a good deal on willhelm kicks there. i'm so jealous you're going to stockholm!!

Six Six Sick said...


I know, I'm so bummed, it was my absolute favorite :(.