Friday, July 30, 2010

Nail Nonsense

Tiny monster nails inspired by Sophy Robson's nail art, which I found on Is Mental.

Ever since I got my 3-D acrylic nail extensions done at The Valley, my nails have been in pretty messed up shape, and I've had to wear nail polish to cover up all the unsightly damage. Of course, after my Japanese style manicure, I couldn't go back to a simple coat of polish, so I've been trying my hand at doing my own 2-D nail art at home. There are hundreds of websites, blogs, and You Tube videos devoted to nail art, so it's pretty easy to find inspiration. I'm still working on painting with my left hand, but I bought a Sally Hansen Nail Art pen in black, and they're super easy to use--I definitely want to buy a few more colors. Here are a few of the manicure's I've tried this past month.

Tiger stripes. I used the Sally Hansen nail art pen to draw the stripes on top of a coat of lilac American Apparel nail polish.

Strawberry nails for the Forth of July! I didn't actually paint these--they're kid's press-on nails by Lip Smackers that I picked up for a couple of bucks at Target. There's also a watermelon set in the kit, that I haven't worn yet. The only problem is that they fall off pretty quickly, and won't last more than a day unless you put a more serious adhesive on the back.


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wobblinbetty said...

love the tiger nails!

Sarah A. said...

i just painted my nails american flag today! stripes are harder than stars but im so proud of the result.

nail art forever, bb!

Amanda said...

nice dude! i want to try the giles monster nails cute :)

Maggie said...

some adorable designs. I'd like to do some, but the colors are so limited. I'd like some pastels.

Six Six Sick said...

Sarah A.-
Please please post pics!!! Hope life is going well in Baltimore!

Thanks for being inspirational, as always!


galatea. said...

wow xx


Connie said...

Love the little monsters. So cute.

The Heartbreak

Sarah A. said...

baltimore is amazing - but im off to israel in 3 weeks! im going to attempt photos now

Diana said...

i love the first ones! such a cute idea :}

visit/follow me!

Dodo said...

The face-nails are awesome! I really have the worst looking nails ever but if I had nice ones I would definitly try it!

And I really like your blog! :)

gorgeousclara said...

I like the second one!

Spela said...


come by and follow back ;)

Sarah A. said...


Six Six Sick said...

Sarah A.

Sooo good! I need to start working on my toe nail art. Have an amazing time in Israel!