Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Let's Make Up!

Christina and I at the DJ booth. We wore our Six Six Sick ribbon shirts, Forever 21 boater hats, and Triskaidekaphobia friendship necklaces. All photos courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

Last Thursday night, Christina and I had the pleasure of DJing the Let's Make Up event at Urban Outfitters, celebrating the launch of their massive new beauty department. Anna Sui, Lipstick Queen, Revolution in Cut, Manic Panic, Demeter Perfume, and Stila were all on hand to give free demonstrations, mini-makeovers, manicures, and blowouts. We were busy behind the DJ booth, so unfortunately we couldn't participate much in all the beautifying, although we managed to sneak in a makeover at the Anna Sui booth. Still, plenty of other ladies showed up and got in line for a turn with the stylists, and there was a huge line at the manicure station, where they weren't just painting nails, but creating some serious nail art. At the end of the night, everyone got goodybags stuffed with amazing makeup, including Demeter perfume, Pop nail polish, Nyx glitter eyeshadow, Manic Panic hair dye, Japonesque make-up brushes, and plenty of other goodies. Afterwards, we headed over to The Ace Hotel for drinks and snacks with the entire crew. A big thank you to all the lovely ladies at Urban, who made the night so much fun!

The fabulous ladies of Manic Panic

The phenomenal and super-sweet manicurist Tracylee did the manicures and nail art.

The ladies at the Anna Sui booth doing mini-makeovers

The awesome goodybag

There was tons of candy and Izze drinks

The Anna Sui booth--they always make the best make-up.


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bravegrrl said...

love your look!

Maggie said...

Not a huge fan of their nailpolish--serious chipping, but I'm def gonna check out what else is going on. It looks like you had a lot of fun!

Charles said...

so cool! i love girly fun makeup events every so often and omg your hats are so envy-inducing!!! xx

Alex Page said...

really looks like a lot of fun. and i loved the nails!

Idee Fixe ( said...

YAY, its my gals Tish and Snooky! I'll have to forward this to them, I'm sure they'll appreciate the shout out!

Dominika said...

Amazing look! I love the hats;)


love the fur vest! great blog. come follow me xoxo

Daisy said...

Such fab photos, it looks such fun!

LJ said...

looks like so much fun! and i love your bow tops.