Saturday, July 3, 2010

fantastic flavored fancies, sick like Sid and Nancy

Opening Ceremony x Q-pot ice cream cone and flag necklaces with assorted ice cream scoop charms. Photo by Opening Ceremony.

I don't know about you, but ever since summer started, I've been eating ice cream at a rate that puts me in danger of doubling in size by the time September rolls around. On Thursday I had a vanilla custard sundae with peanut butter and chocolate toffee at Shake Shack, yesterday I sipped on a raw chocolate smoothie at Quintessence, and today I gulped down a crushed malted milk ball shake at the Brooklyn Flea. Every time I promise myself to limit my intake to maybe once or twice a week, the temperature pushes past 90 degrees, and I find myself booking it over to the closest source of cold sweet comfort.

Possessing little to no self-control, I have no idea what I should do to restrain myself. I recently found these ice-cream cone charm necklaces at Opening Ceremony, a rather innocent looking symbol of my potential demise. Created in collaboration with Japanese jewelry company Q-pot, who are probably responsible for ninety percent of the food related charms and jewels on the market, they're all sorts of irresistible, although they'll cost you a bit more than your average double scoop. Like their real world counterparts, you build your own jeweled ice cream cone piece by piece for something perfectly customized to your taste. And if ice cream just isn't your thing, they also have a build-your-own hamburger option, with slices of cheese, tomatoes, pickles, bacon, and lettuce for your picking. There are also plenty of other tasty options on the Q-pot website, but you'll have to learn Japanese to figure out how to order them...

Opening Ceremony x Q-pot hamburger bun and flag necklace with assorted condiment charms. Photo by Opening Ceremony.

Chocolate bon-bon rings from a 2008 Q-pot x Amour du Chocolat collaboration. Photo from Q-pot.

More ice cream pieces from the Q-pot Summer 2010 collection. Photo by Q-pot.


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Hannah Lucy said...

adorable, i want one! haha xx

Maggie said...

Wow these are the cutest things ever.

Masha said...

ooo mniamiii))