Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Marble House: DIY Marbling

DIY marbled Keds and tote bag, Gestuz dress, Eugenia Kim biker cap, Cara Croninger resin bracelets, Triskaidekaphobia necklace and ring.

A few weeks ago, my friends over at Keds sent me a couple pairs of sneakers. I already had white ones, so when I got a second pair, I decided it was a perfect opportunity to do a DIY. At first I was only planning on dying them at home with some Rit, but once I got to the art supply store I was overwhelmed by the possibilities. After a good amount of deliberation, I ended up picking up the Jacquard Marbling Kit for Fabric and Paper, choosing it because it seemed to have the simplest and most straight-forward directions. Plus, Dick Blick, the art supply store I bought it from, has an extremely helpful instructional video that walks you through the entire process. I didn't want the shoes to be too bright, since I want to be able to wear them everyday and with anything, so I just dyed them very lightly for a watercolor effect. While I was marbling , I also decided to dye a giant white canvas bag that served as a goody bag from the DIY or DIE event we did at Urban Outfitters last year. I decided to go for more intense colors, and you can properly see the marbling effects.

Rather than posting a full set of instructions, I posted the Dick Blick video below. It's a bit time consuming with all the preparations, not to mention a pretty messy affair, but the actual marbling is very easy. It's a really fun way to customize all of the free totes and tees you have lying around, and I definitely suggest you give it a try since the whole kit and all of the extra supplies costs less than $20 total. Next up I'm going to do some notecards, and maybe even try that Marbled Nails DIY that's also floating around youtube...

The Jacquard Marbling Kit

My lightly marbled Keds

Close up shots of the marbling on the canvas bag

The Dick Blick instructional video for how to use the Jacquard Marbling Kit


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lucinda said...

oh wow! I used to love marbling paper as a kid but I've never tried in on fabrics... although I was recently actually thinking about this xx

dreamecho said...

Your pieces came out really well! This makes me want to give marbling a try, too.

On another note, where did you get your cap from? I have a basic one, but I love the splash of colors on that Eugenia one.

Six Six Sick said...


I got the hat at the Eugenia Kim sample sale yesterday. It's going on all week at her office at 347 w. 36th st. 5th fl. You should go if you are in town!


m.fay said...

This is great, looks like a painting. Your blog is darling! Found you on bloglovin, so happy I did. Please stop by and say hi.

melina bee said...

thanks for sharing this, I will have to try it

Kb said...

Wow where did you get this kit, it looks amazing, and so many possibilities!

Rrriot-face said...

Awesome idea. The patterns on the bag are practically hypnotic.

blueditty said...

Marbling is probably one of the trickiest crafts to master, but also one the most fun.
I have a quicky bit of info on my blog, if your're interested in pursuing it.
I warn you though, it's addictive.