Wednesday, June 2, 2010

L-O-V-E, It's a Mystery...

Chloe dress and heels, Topshop headband, Triskaidekaphobia necklace, antique bracelet from my Great-Grandmother.

This Sunday, we celebrated the wedding of my cousin Serena to her husband Louis at The Pierre. It was probably the most perfectly planned (I know there were plenty of spreadsheets involved) and lavishly beautiful weddings I've ever attended. For someone who never fantasized about getting married as a child, or even as an adult for that matter, I get awfully teary-eyed and weepy over every single ceremony I go to. I guess I've been a closet romantic my entire life. Anyway, Sunday was no exception, and even Jimmy had tears in his eyes when the bride and groom kissed.

Serena was all smiles though, and looked incredibly elegant in her gown, which she got from Kleinfeld, the famous bridal shop which you may or may not recognize from the (mind numbing) TLC show Say Yes To the Dress. I jokingly asked Serena if I could expect to see her prancing around on the show, and she thankfully replied a definitive NO---you actually have to apply to be on it. Quite a shocker considering how unflattering most of the depictions are of the brides-to-be.

Anyway, Serena is quite a foodie, and even though she and Louis both work in finance, she has aspirations to open a bakery one day. For her wedding, she made sure to provide a full span of every kind of delicacy your heart could desire, from a raw oyster and seafood bar during cocktail hour, to Chateaubriand during dinner, to cotton candy towers and an onslaught of every type of dessert you could imagine. The stoical Pierre waiters were even handing out Bon Chon Chicken and mini ice-cream cones on the dancefloor! It was an appropriately extravagant way to celebrate such a special occasion, and food aside, seeing your entire extended family, including plenty of middle-aged Asian relatives and (somewhat traumatically) your own parents, dancing to Lady Gaga is priceless. I'm so happy for Serena and Lewis, and thankful that we all got to be part of their moment.

The beautiful newlyweds, Louis and Serena

The tiniest dancer, my nephew Charlie, who was up and entertaining all night long!

My cousin Vincent and his fiancee Jennie at the oyster and seafood buffet during cocktail hour

They also had a buffet serving Peking Duck and Rack of Lamb during the cocktail hour... well as an assortment of sushi...

And just when we didn't think we could eat or drink any more, we entered the main banquet hall for dinner, dancing, and the real festivities.

My perfectly arranged place setting, and our dinner menu for the night!


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Maria said...

well then.. I'm starving! haha

looks like a lot of fun*

- Maria from L.A.

(I've been following! follow my bloglovin?)

Insomnia said...

Oh, dear! That was one beautiful wedding. The Bride looked stunning. Really love her bouquet!
You looked like a Grecian goddess. Well done ^^

Grace said...

The food, oh my! What a fantastic night!

Love Grace.

pink horrorshow said...

Oooh, is that a whoopie pie next to your dinnerware??

The bride looked so gorgeous, the whole evening looked gorgeous. I miss weddings!

Wangari M. said...

There are just no words for how amazing this looks and how delicious that food was! You and your sister looked so lovely :)

Six Six Sick said...

pink horrorshow-

Yes, that's a whoopie pie, they alternated between chocolate and red velvet and had a little tag that said "Whoopie!" on it. So cute!


Linda said...

middle-aged asians dancing to lady gaga?! hahah!!! I would love to see my parents do that too!!!

May Kasahara said...

gorgeous wedding and I'm in awe of your dress. flawless.