Monday, June 21, 2010

It's Witchcraft

Brandon wearing a No Lost Witches Zig Zag tee

A couple of months ago, my very dear friend Brandon told me he was modeling for a lookbook for a t-shirt and accessories line called No Lost Witches. He showed me a couple of shots from the shoot and I promised to check it out, but of course I'm a terrible friend and totally forgot about it until I stumbled upon the collection again on The Shiny Squirrel. The line, designed by NYU graduate Christina Acevedo, are simple, everyday graphic tees that are meant to serve as an endearing addition to your wardrobe. My favorite is the childhood photograph of the designer herself wearing her Halloween witch costume, an image which has become representative of the collection. Here are some images from the lookbook, as well as the video which Brandon is also a part of!

The witch tee, featuring a childhood photograph of the designer in her Halloween witch costume

no lost witches 09 look book from no lost witches on Vimeo.


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Rrriot-face said...

Oy, your blog is pretty much awesome. I love the witchiness.