Thursday, June 17, 2010

All of my friends were there. Not just my friends, but their best friends too.

Winning our first Paper Magazine Nightlife Award for Best New Party with the original Six Six Sick crew: Christina, Feng Feng, Jon, me, and Mike. Jon is currently touring with his band, The Drums, and Feng Feng is designing a line called Savant.

Sorry for the major slowdown in posts. I'm still waiting for my hand-me-down Mac to arrive, and using Jimmy's Swedish PC is not only torturous, but also sets off minor-to-major domestic disputes over computer possession. Anyway, Christina and I have been working hard on our jewelry, and throwing parties has been put on the back burner for quite a while now. We still do them, but not at the same pace as we used to (three nights a week). While we're happy to be concentrating on our day jobs now, it makes me a little sentimental to think about our namesake party, Six Six Sick, which ended about a year ago. Here are a handful of my favorite pictures from that time, filled with some of my best friends, many of whom are scattered across the globe now, and all of the outfits we made. These are only a few shots from two full years of weekly parties, but I think they capture the recklessness of it all.

Shelley, Christina, Gabi, Feng Feng and myself. We made shirts covered in googly-eyes, and even put them on our headbands and our pumps. Shelley is now doing a band called GHXST, and Gabi moved to Stockholm to be with Jimmy's best friend Tobias, and to start her own eponymous fashion label, Gabriella Loeb.

We did a sports themed night for Jon's birthday, and made gigantic prize ribbons with 6's on them since we aren't big into sports. This is our friend Jordan Bunny Kinney, who has since moved to London to live in a squat called Squally which you can read all about on the slutever blog.

Miss Six Six Sick Pageant Queen night!

Our nautical themed night with Patrick Wolf, who would stop by with Greg K. whenever he was in town.

I love you all.


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