Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Triskaidekaphobia Arrives at Eponymy!

Some of the curiosities on display at Eponymy

This afternoon we dropped off a delivery of Triskaidekaphobia Jewelry to a lovely little boutique in Brooklyn called Eponymy. We're so proud to be selling at this store cause it's absolutely gorgeous, and more importantly, it feels like an aesthetic match made in heaven! Andrea Miller has created a veritable cabinet of curiosities, and everywhere you turn, there's an enchanting dress, object d'art, or piece of jewelry that begs to be picked up and taken home with you. The walls are lined with rotating art exhibitions, and the entire atmosphere is a little bit dark and ever-so-slightly sinister, but with a distinctively feminine touch (like our jewelry). The store carries a mix of vintage pieces, as well as lines like GAR-DE, Eryn Brinie, Kaylee Tankus, Bliss Lau, Gestuz, and Vivienne Westwood x Melissa. Adding to the fun is Andrea's adorable French Bulldog, Bianca, who is incredibly sweet and always look for a hug and a kiss. I couldn't resist taking a bunch of pictures, make sure to stop by if you are in the neighborhood!

The store's French Bulldog, Bianca, is a veritable superstar. She might appear shy, but playing coy is just her game--she secretly loves the camera, and recently was the star of her own short film!

A selection of vintage dresses and handbags

Vintage perfume bottles make for a perfect way to display these vintage evening bags

The store carries the full Lipstick Queen makeup line

Store owner Andrea Miller

I love these antique glass bottles and decanters!

Taxidermy snakes make for the perfect necklace displays

An Eryn Brinie top


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Hal said...

gorgeous photos. i adore this blog.


Caddy said...

I like the way they did the interiors of this store, it elevates the shopping experience.

InnyVinny said...

Sounds like a perfect place for your line. Congrats ladies!

dreamecho said...

Those perfume bottles are exquisite. I will have to add this place to my must-visit list!

(Congrats on your continued success with Triskaidekaphobia!)