Friday, May 21, 2010

Stine for Everybody

Stine Goya x Weekday A/W 09/10. All photos from Weekday

Ok, this is really really old news, especially for those of you who live in Sweden, but after all the blog love that the (absolutely adorable) Laura Mackness x Weekday collection has been getting of late, I thought I ought to post the AW 09/10 Stine Goya x Weekday collaboration, which was largely overlooked. I had the pleasure of meeting Stine last summer when she was living in New York, and I am a huge fan of her gorgeously artistic line. While this collection probably isn't even in stores anymore, I'm hoping I might be able to find a piece or two floating around Judits or Below Outlet when I go back to Stockholm this August. Or better yet, if you're there (I'm mainly speaking to my sister-in-law here), and see anything remaining on the racks, please pick it up for me and I promise to pay you back!

I also hope that retailers over here get their act together and start stocking all these amazing collaborations, which are also easy on the wallet; the pieces here retail for $90-$100. New York stores are overrun with Cheap Monday and Weekday, but for some reason all the best stuff--collaborations and the awesomely inexpensive Monki line--never make it stateside. I'm hoping they will come soon, because having to go back to Stockholm every time I want to buy something is getting awfully expensive (just kidding, I swear I mainly go back to see friends, family, and family dogs!). Anyway, for those of you who love Stine but don't have access to the Weekday collaboration, you can always find her main line at my favorite online retailer in the expansive internet universe (full disclosure: we also sell there), The Moon and Mars.


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Amanda said...

i didn't think they sold weekday outside weekday stores anywhere, did you mean WKND (by cheap monday)? i will be the most ecstatic when monki or weekday comes stateside if they ever do, or at least get an e-commerce site. i actually payed a girl in stockholm to buy/ship me some pieces a few months ago!

joy said...

The dresses and the jacket are gorgeous. I am not for cropped outerwear but basically love the whole collection.


noirohio vintage said...

amazing stuff!! love that graphite print.