Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Somewhere Between Gross and Amazing

Bunny and strawberry nail set. All nails available at Full Moon.

I've always been a fan of Japanese nail art, but for the most part find it absurdly out of my price range. In New York, a specially designed manicure with 3-D and acrylic art on every finger will run you around $100 or more. If I were married to a professional basketball player, I would probably have it done every week, but alas, I'm married to a Swedish teacher, and don't even think I can justify dropping that much cash on nail polish for a special occasion. Lucky for me, one of my best friends, Ashley, gave me a gift certificate to The Valley, a legendary nail salon in New York, and I'll finally let myself indulge.

While I was poking around the internet looking for design inspiration, I came across a number of DIY nail art sites, tutorials and videos, which got me thinking about giving it a try. Even though I love a good DIY, I'm actually not so great at home manicures, and a wavering left hand would probably ruin any home nail art attempts. Then I found Full Moon, a site which might be based out of Japan, or might be based out of Korea town for all I can tell. While they carry a wack-tastic selection of oddities ranging from macaroon decorating kits, rhinestone cell phone cases, and teddy bear adorned headphones, they also sell all the tools and adornments for at home manicures and nail art. Of particular interest: pre-decorated nail extensions that you can easily apply at home, averaging around $25 a set. Totally gross, yet simultaneously amazing. And more importantly, really funny. I think if I was wearing these, I would be cracking up at myself all day long. Less silly/tacky alternatives are available at the salon, but if I find myself addicted, don't be surprised if you see me around town wearing one of these ridiculous looking sets...

This pastel rainbow set reminds me of my childhood My Little Ponies playhouse

My favorite set of the bunch: cupcakes and ice cream cones! I wish I had these to wear with the Ashish ice cream cone dress!

A more classic girly set

For some reason this is called the "British" set, I guess because it mimics a tartan plaid?


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Maggie said...

I LOVE Crazy nail art. I don't even have the money to manicure my nails regularly. I got them manicured the first time in my life last summer, and i'm 29.

pink horrorshow said...


The last set is especially crazy. I wish I had pretty hands because I would love to wear these for fun one day but unfortunately they would look fucking scary on me.

Siouxsie said...

ahh i'm so glad you posted this! i'm crazy about the cute nail set designs!

melina bee said...

uummm... I freaking loooove these, especially as a new "manicure convert." Must purchase asap. Well, soon.
I normally manicure my own nails and use gems just on my ring fingers.
@pink horrorshow: I don't like my hands either, but most people don't notice one way or the other so why not have fun and enjoy at least looking down at your nails?

Shay said...

I just did a nail art post too with vids, check it out. I'm actually getting Miu Miu inspired art done on my toenails today, will post a pic.

Orchid said...

these are so damn cute...just love your happy and colorful and bright and fun...cheers!!!

eugenialejos said...

I Do not know how to describe what I've loved this blog!
is really interesting!
I've been watching 2 hours each post and it's perfect!
I love it! follow you;)
of course I love the drums! those pictures you have of them had not ever seen and I like a lot, you are friends?

samantha said...

i've been finding myself oddly drawn to these gaudy things. they're so damn fun!

Faune said...

I'd wear them, not on my fingertips, but as a charm necklace !