Thursday, April 22, 2010


A.morir studded sunglasses

After a raucous party at Fat Baby, Convent has now been officially open for about a month, showcasing awesome and adorable clothes and accessories at a relatively accessible price-point. Run by our friend Travis Wayne, the store sells a range of emerging designers from New York and around the world like The Costume Department, Dusen Dusen, The Twentyten, Odeur, and of course, our line, Triskaidekaphobia. Travis has done a really good job of working with many of his designers to get pieces made exclusively to fit the progressive design aesthetic of his store, and I think you'll find that most of the pieces in the store have special twist. We stopped by to drop off our jewelry this afternoon, and I snapped some photos, while eyeing some of the newly arrived shorts and swimsuits from L.A. based label Geronimo. If you're in New York, make sure to stop by, take a peek, and hang out with Travis and the gang. And if you're not from NYC, don't fret--the online store has every up, and until April 24th, they'll be offering free shipping on all North American orders of $150 or more!

Dusen Dusen printed backpack and A.morir studded sunglasses

Beetle and Flor porcelain skull

An I Love Factory headband made exclusively for Convent

Acrylic jewelry

This dramatic unisex fringed hoody from The Costume Department has already gotten plenty of blog love...

These high-waisted Geronimo denim shorts look amazing on!


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RAL said...

OHHH! I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOVE the first sunglasses! <3<3<3

Maggie said...

Some really awesome stuff I need to check out here.

battlingthedinosaurs said...

I adore those kick ass sunnies!

Cierra said...

Saw you at Katie Gallagher, love your blog. <3

Kimberley said...

I love their store. It's amazing

M a d e l e i n e said...

Love those shorts! they look so smooth! /// deightful blog!

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Laura. said...

those first sunglasses are the stuff of gods!!

The Ram said...

The sunglasses and hoodie are to die for! Wowww need them.