Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Ring A Day

Danielle Miller Jewelry's string theory ring

I recently came across a Flickr project called Ring A Day, created by a group of ambitious jewelry designers who have taken on the daunting project of creating a new ring every day for a full year. The pieces range from disposable and non-functional rings made out of food, ice, or live plants, to ridiculous feats of metalsmithing mastery. Rings are one of my favorite items of jewelry to design, but taking on the task of designing and constructing a new ring every day seems like an act of hubris that I wouldn't dare undertake. Still, the pieces are so inspiring, so whimsical, and for the most part, so blatantly non-commercial in their design, that it makes me want to at least try doing one ring a week. For those of you who aren't jewelry designers, but are still admirers, many of the jewelers sell their rings on their Etsy sites (linked through their profiles).

Chun Lung's moveable ring

Sterling silver, chrysocolla and fork ring by leftwingofthecrow

Purple bud ring by Maria Apostolou

Found acrylic ring by Metalnat


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melina bee said...

nifty! thanks for such a cool link.
melina bee

lucinda said...

I've come across this project before but hadn't seen some of their latest creations. I'm attracted to that bud ring - I'm imaging you could change the bud depending on which flowers were in season.

WendyB said...

It would be better for me financially to do fewer rings, not more, just because I have so many expensive ideas! So I won't be diving in :-)

L said...

Thank you for the link! That moveable ring is gorgeous, and the concept is great.