Sunday, April 25, 2010

Princessing About...

Gunne Sax 70's Victorian style dress $85 and blond hairband

I guess it would only be appropriate to follow up my Gunne Sax post with pictures of the dresses that inspired the obsession. I was at The Sweet Ones again today, and during my downtime, I took the opportunity to play dress-up with some of my favorite pieces in the store. This is only a tiny selection of what's at the boutique right now, mainly culled from Alyssa's rack of Victorian-era pieces, and similarly inspired replicas. I could style plenty of looks from other periods, but I'll have to save that for another time, because today I gravitated to the girliest frippery, which had me sashaying around the store feeling like a Disney princess. Of course, I'm no such thing, and during my rounds in the Gunne Sax medieval style dress, I found myself accidentally doing a vaudeville-style backward-somersault off of the store swing. Luckily, no customers were around to witness this, and miraculously I managed to ease myself into the unintentional dive with enough princess-like grace to avoid injury. Anyway, all these pieces are at the store now, and as for my own Gunne Sax obsession, I satisfied it with this find from eBay.

Early 20th century cotton dress with lace details, vintage necklace. My own vintage turban and Gerard Yosca cocktail ring.

80's velvet bolero with fur shoulders $95, and blue shoes $45. My own Kate Moss x Topshop dress, American Apparel tights, Gerard Yosca necklace, and vintage turban.

If I look sheepish, it's because I just accidentally plunged backwards off of the store swing. Gunne Sax 70's medieval style dress with velour placket, $65, and blond hair headband.


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Maggie said...

Gorgeous. Gunne Sax brings out the romantic in me.

meagan said...

oh my, that second dress is heavenly. i wonder if that fabric breathes, though?

battlingthedinosaurs said...

My favorite pieces are the velvet bolero and the first dress. They're just beautiful