Thursday, April 15, 2010


Barney's Co-op exclusive Margarita Saplala collection

You got to hand it to Margarita Saplala. She's grown in leaps and bounds since we met her a year ago, and her collection has developed dramatically from season to season in the short time we've known her. We've always believed in her talent, but the true testament that she has arrived is the exclusive Spring collection that she has designed for Barney's Co-op. Featuring her awesome custom prints in simple but flattering styles, you'll have to make it a priority to check out the pieces the next time you're in the store. Here's a peek at the Barney's pieces, as well as some of the gorgeous looks from her Fall 2010 collection, which I got a glimpse of the last time I was at W29 Showroom.

Fall 2010 Fur-print Dress

Fall 2010 Dolman Dress


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