Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Head Games Pt. I

I'm heading to the Kentucky Derby next week, and the main reason my husband convinced me to embark on this adventure is the promise of an excuse to wear a crazy hat. I thus have impunity to buy myself a new hat without having to listen to him complain about how much clothing I already have (we are constantly battling for closet space), and have spent a good percentage of my free time perusing the internet for the perfect Derby hat. Not content to settle for one, I've already bought myself a few hats and headpieces, and came across plenty more that I can only admire, because they're out of my price range. One of my favorite millinery designers is J Smith Esquire, from London. To me, Justin Smith's hats evoke all of the fantasy, drama, and majesty associated with haute head pieces, without falling into any of the traditional church-lady tropes of traditional wide-brimmed hats. Perfect for the Derby, no? Here are a few of the pieces on my dream list from his Fall 2010 collection. I'll show you the ones that I actually got later...


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Insomnia said...

Pretty nice work!
Adore hats and headpieces, they're so dramatic.
Curious to see what you bought.

Maggie said...

love the hooded one!

Daisy said...

Oh gosh! How fantastic , thanks for sharing these !

melina bee said...

I just adore the one with the felted antlers!!!
melina bee