Thursday, April 8, 2010

Double Trouble

Urban Outfitter just keeps on killing me with their collaborations. They recently added my favorite lingerie line, The Lake and Stars, to their list of ongoing collaborators, creating a lower priced line called Double and Brass. The name refers to when a tightrope walker would simultaneously play a musical instrument while performing, and became a Victorian expression for taking on a second job. Even though the sister line might be more youthful, and less expensive than the original, it is hardly inferior in quality. The collection features the same beautiful details you will find in The Lake and Stars, such as grosgrain and necktie hook closures, and zigzag stitching along the seams, in addition to possessing the same fun, cheeky flair. The pieces will arrive in stores on May 10th--I cannot wait to get my hands on some of these bra tops and rompers!


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Misanthropic Pulp said...

That lingerie is beautiful, haven't seen lovely pieces of underwear like that in a
thanks for sharing

melina bee said...

ssssoooo pretty. I love the shades of blue and pink they chose.
melina bee

Ash Fox said...

stunning collection. i love her eye makeup.


Kelly said...

beautiful lingerie, the blue slip looks gorgeous!

pink horrorshow said...

Ugh, times like these I wish I had bleach blonde hair too so I can pull off the ethereal look when I wear pastels. I love anything with a sweetheart bust and these are so so pretty.

Shay said...

*wants it* so bad!!!

vint junky said...

These are gorgeous pieces! Love the pastel palette.
Unfortunately UO's full range only seems to be available in US and they only do certain ranges in europe, very frustrating!