Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Best Lil' Sample Sale Ever

This Friday, a bunch of the best young designers in New York City are getting together to have a sample sale at my friend Dom's old apartment (60 W. 8th St. Apt 5A., text 347-432-7643 to get inside the building). Dom is moving to the East Village, so he decided to take the opportunity to use the empty space to hold a sample sale with his closest friends. I unfortunately will not be able to make it, since I'm going to be at The Kentucky Derby (!!!), but Christina will be there peddling Arms & Armory jewelry, and maybe a few of our Triskaidekphobia samples too (but no promises, we don't have much stock to get rid of). Dom will be selling his Antoine Dom tees, and there will also be jewelry and hats from Chrishabana and clothes from Telfar (who will also be providing the music). Everything will be SUPER cheap, starting around $20, so stop by to shop and stay for a drink.

Chrishabana jewelry

Arms and Armory jewelry

Chrishabana jewelry and hat
Antoine Dom tee



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Amanda said...

oohhh yeahh!! love me some telfar. thanks for the info!

meagan said...

god i wish i lived in new york, i'd snag some chris habana jewelry :(