Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Topshop Turns One

Topshop, our favorite mass-market retailer, is celebrating its New York store's first anniversary. We've had a DJ residency at the store for the past six months, and we love it, even if we've had to witness the constant appearance of various iterations of our cage dress hitting the sales floor ever since we started. Just saying, it would be nice if we could get royalties added into our paychecks. Or a sweet discount.

Anyway, starting this Friday, April 2nd, and lasting all weekend, there will be birthday cake, special anniversary tanks with purchases over $100, contests and giveaways, and of course, party tunes provided by "the best of NY's music talent," i.e. yours truly (ha!). Our lovely blog friend Elizabeth of Feels Like White Lightning will also be on hand for the entire weekend to take some snaps of all you stylish kids, and will even be giving her favorite Topshop shopper $250 to spend in store. We'll be DJing right as the doors open on Friday, so make sure to stop by. We will be tucked away in the rather hidden DJ booth but you are welcome to pop your head in while we play tunes, snarf down birthday cake, and gossip about people we don't like! Here's a sampling of what I have on my spring playlist--plus you can expect a dash of birthday tunes thrown in the mix (suggestions are welcome). See you there!

PS 22 Chorus covering Phoenix's Lisztomania. Their rendition brings tears to my eyes, I adore these kids.

Surprise Hotel- Fool's Gold. Some of you are probably sick of all the white boys doing Afropop (see Vampire Weekend below), but this song is so perfect for warm weather.

French Navy- Camera Obscura. The cutest, most Spring appropriate song and video ever.

Cuddle Fuddle- Passion Pit. I'm a huge Passion Pit fan, especially since they use the kids from the PS 22 Chorus to sing on several of their songs!

A Teenager In Love- The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. More super-twee music--It's springtime.

Diplomat's Son- Vampire Weekend. I love them in spite of myself--they bring back not-so wistful memories of a private school education.

Charlie Don't Surf- The Clash


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Poisonn Amour said...

i love topshop! can't believe its been a year. it feels like forever to me. haha

Joyce said...

the year went by so fast for me! can't believe it. hope you guys had a good weekend at topshop! =)