Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Thrill Of The Chase

Zara jacket, Six Six Sick shingle dress, Alexander McQueen Scarf, Pied a Terre thigh-high boots, Devaki hat, Gerard Yosca necklace, Triskaidekaphobia and Iosselliani rings

Zara is driving me crazy right now. I stopped by last week, and the floor was filled with amazing jackets: a gorgeous tailcoat, a cropped trench jacket, and an awesome Chloe-inspired oversized khaki cape were just a sampling of the tempting selection. My favorite though was this black and white striped fitted jacket with shoulder pads. Even though it was meant to fit into their nautical story, it had a whiff of Gareth Pugh about it, not to mention the fact that it was a much better price than the highly discounted (and mostly unimpressive) Pugh samples on sale at Century 21 right now. Nonetheless, I allegedly have a personal order in the works for a nice black blazer, and since I wasn't sure if I needed another new jacket, I decided to sleep on it. Bad idea. I now realize why I hardly ever find anything at Zara--the moment something good hits the floor, it disappears just as quickly. When I returned the next day, all the beautiful jackets I'd seen had sold out. I had to stop by two other Zara stores before I found my jacket again. Satisfied? Indeed. But during my hunt I also stumbled upon a pair of tan leather paper-bag waisted shorts that are to-die-for, but weren't in my size. I think they might be cause for a second hunt.


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Amanda said...

love the striped jacket on you. i agree about the really good stuff never lasting.. i never found that space print top in stores, probably because as soon as it was on knight cat or wherever i saw it, it sold out!

bravegrrl said...

what a great jacket! you wear it well :)


moded'amour said...

amazing blazer!!

alixrose said...

This jacket is hot!
I would have been on the hunt for it too. Love the way you styled it!

Frou Flu said...

ah i love that jacket!