Friday, March 19, 2010

Project White T-Shirt

Skyward reconfigured rope into a t-shirt shape, inspired by their seaside hometown of Goteborg.

I don't know if you guys have been following the going-ons of Project White T-Shirt, a charitable organization that has commissioned thirty-one designers from around the globe to remake their own version of the classic wardrobe staple. Selected designers include some of my favorites: Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Iris Loeffler, Slow and Steady Wins The Race, Skyward, and Complex Geometries. The project culminates in an online auction of the works, with proceeds benefiting the Belgium-based organization, Designers Against AIDS, as well as a touring exhibition of the reconfigured white tees. The show is currently on display at Welcome Hunters, and will move to an exhibition of Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles before hitting other galleries and stores world-wide. If you're in L.A. you can stop by the opening at Space 15 Twenty on March 20th, and if not, look out for a visit from Project White T-shirt in your own hometown! Here is just a small sampling of some of the incredible pieces that were created as part of the project--it's amazing to see how different every single piece is, and how much they relate back to each designer's individual creative style. Make sure to visit the website to see the rest of the designs, as well as video interviews with all the participants.

Mundi designer Mundi Vondi wore his white shirt for six days straight, letting random circumstances (food, nature, friends...) leave their imprints on the T-shirt to give it its own identity.

Narelle Dore departed from the classic jersey tee by creating this "winter tee" out of felt, inspired by the felted coats of Kurdish villagers

Kling by Kling refashioned her tee into a giant dream catcher

My lovely friend Iris Loeffler took an oversized tee and deconstructed it, turning it into a robe

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair cut of the tee and tied it up into a web of knots to create this beautiful bulbous neckpiece

Julian Louie Swarovski crystals to embellish the tee with a necklace

Doktor Doktor and The Bug Collection created a tee made entirely of marshmallows inspired by the Michelin Man

Anntian created a tee designed to fit a horse's body, and then altered it to drape onto a human torso

Andrea Crews created a "double tee" by joining two tees together


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Caddy said...

It's really cool to see all the different projects the designers have created. The ones made of rope, felt stand out for me, so doe the necklace/bib one.

I LOVE WHITE T-SHIRTS!!! They're undoubtedly one of my fashion standbys.

Custom T-Shirts said...

She is looking very cute in these t-shirts. All these funny t-shirts are very beautiful but last one is looking awesome. I wana purchase the last one but not in white color. I need in black color.



Masha said...

wow great post! I'm so impressed by all this creativity!

May Kasahara said...

the Loeffler shirt is AMAZING.