Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mad Hatter

One of Lopeti's new styles. If you name it, it's yours!

If you don't know already, I'm absolutely mad for hats. I constantly bemoan the fact that millinery has become a marginalized art in modern times, with the mainstream selection of hats available usually being of the most mundane and functional variety. You know: those for keeping the head warm, those for shading the sun from your eyes, those for pledging your allegiance to whatever sports team, those for bad hair days, blah blah blah. Therefore I'm always excited to meet new hat designers.

I first met (and wrote about) Lopeti Etu last year when he was designing hats for Selima's in house line, as well as collaborating with other designers. I'm happy to hear that Lopeti has since moved on to launch his own eponymous line of hats for Fall 2010, featuring his distinctive hat shapes for men and women, all adorned with a whimsical choice of trims. For his new collection, he even created an earmuff-style headpiece with dangling chains. The style has yet to be named, so they'll be conducting a "Name That Hat" contest, with the winner receiving the hat at their launch party (time and place TBA, but you're definitely invited). Just email your suggestions to to enter. My favorite hat however is his top hat. I have been looking for the perfect top hat for years, but they are hard to find (and very expensive). Lopeti's version has a jaunty twist to it, often festooned with bright ribbons or plenty of covers, and even has landed on the cover of French Vogue. Maybe it's time I start saving up---it would make a perfect Easter bonnet, no?
EDIT: The hat on the cover of French Vogue was actually designed while Lopeti was still at Selima.

One of Lopeti's top hats gracing the cover of French Vogue


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InnyVinny said...

I'm sad that millinery isn't as big a deal, too. I want more people to wear hats.

vint junky said...

I agree so sad not to see more avant garde unusual hats out there.
I love hats but for some reason some people just don't get them. Us hat lovers have to endure some funny looks in the street. I love the forties era simply for the reason that there was some wierd and wonderful hat-tage going on, pity we're now so far away from that


Baby Bear(Tara Clark) said...

OH I just love!...Im gonna go check these out now.. thanks

come say hi sometime